Friday, December 4, 2015

The shock. The awe. The third day hair! The mane is tamed and looking beautiful. 

Well excuse my fetus face, but I thought I would let the world see this curly half pony. Everywhere I went that day people were doing double takes and complimenting my hair. I really loved this hairstyle since it was so easy to pull up and clip down. And, because this was third day hair, a lot my length was showing. Now by the end of the day, shrinkage did kick in, but it still looked great. So many people--who are accustomed to seeing me in my twistouts, buns, and puffs--were shocked to see my hair longer than usual, and they thought I added hair in. That's the joy of natural hair. When they think they've seen it all--BOOM--switch it up! 

I am considering if I should straighten my hair since it has been awhile. I would love to know just how much it has grown. Plus I need a trim too. Well, that is my quick little hair post. Be on the lookout for another coming soon.