Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's December!!

We are only a few weeks away from Christmas, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Now I know we should celebrate the life and birth of our Lord and Savior everyday, but anyone who attends church knows that Christmas is when we go crazy. Church plays are happening, Christmas music is playing all day long, carolers everywhere you go, lights are hung, presents are wrapped, cocoa is made, Christmas shows are on every channel, and no matter where you go there is either a nativity scene set up or someone is reading the story of when Jesus was born. I don't know about you but Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and I just love to see how cities and towns evolve from everyday buildings and business to lights and glitter and garland and fat Santas everywhere. 

Well, sadly, my house is not completely decorated, but here is a picture of our Christmas tree. We decided to break away from the traditional green tree and we never get a real tree. I heard bugs are in those things, and my soul can not withstand any bugs. No No No. We went with a blue theme this year, and as you can see we already have a few presents under the tree. I am pretty excited about it, if you can't tell. I think we have decided to put up garland around the house. I'll probably update this post if that happens.

Extra tidbit for you:
If you are Christmas crazy like me check out 104.7 the fish if you live in Georgia. This radio station is playing Christmas music all day everyday during the month of December. If you do not live in Georgia, you can still listen to the FISH by clicking their logo (and clicking listen live on their site) right here: